Richard Anderson and the Major General Plan Amendment For City Owned Land


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DRAFT (as of Mar 16, 2015)


 City-owned real estate of 168 acres bordered by:

  1. North – Interstate 40
  2. East – Undeveloped Cherokee Street
  3. South – Undeveloped Airfield Avenue and State Trust land – Section 16
  4. West – Undeveloped Sage Street; a Unisource Substation; the west 17.1 acres to remain Open Space/Parks.

Regional Commercial is a general designation for the general plan, The General Plan Amendment does not rezone the property. However, if the General Plan amendment is successful, a future rezoning application can be submitted to rezone the property to a commercial zoning district. At that time speciific land uses will be defined. On the north, which is a C-3 PDD zone, this zoning district allows the commercial uses of the C-3 zoning district, except: truck sales and service; new and used truck and trailer rentals and service, vehicle towing and storage; BMX tracks, mini-storages, motocross tracks, off-premise signs; swap meets; tire retreading and recapping, travel trailer parks, and truck stop facilities.


  1. Planning and Zoning Commission will hold two Public Hearings
  2. April 14 City Chambers
  3. April 28 County Auditorium
  4. Planning and Zoning Commission will send recommendation to Kingman city Council recommending or not recommending a General Plan Amendment.
  5. Kingman City Council will hold a Public Hearing on May 5th for the General Planh Amendment.
  6. Kingman city Council will vote to approve or disapprove Genearl Plan Amendment. Approval requires a minimum of 2/3 or five yes votes.
  7. If, approved by Kingman city council, the 151-acres will be classified a “Regional Commercial” and subsequent rezoning actions will state specific uses, with emphasis on providing retail opportunities for high leakage sales areas: clothing, electronics, shoes, sporting goods.
  8. Sale/lease of land is subject to provisions of ARS 9-4037.
  9. A Change of Access report will have to be developed and approved before the interchange is allow to have access to the south.
  10. Solicitation/Request for Proposal (Mohave County Contracting Office)
  11. City would not accept less than appraised value
  12. Must contribute % of Traffic Interchange (TI) Cost. North side developers and KRMC must contribute remaining   %
  13. No construction can commence before TI begins construction. This condition already exists for North side developer

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