Serving Kingman is a Privilege

I give my deepest appreciation to all who voted and to all my supporters. We did not win the vote, but we did win enthusiasm and support for the greatness that Kingman can be. I congratulate Mayor Elect, Monica Gates, for a race well run.
It has been a privilege to serve the people of Kingman…. – kingman, Richard Anderson – Mayor Richard Anderson


Kingman Area Veterans

Thank You for your service.  Welcome home.  This past Friday, the Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 975, hosted the 50th Commemoration of the Vietnam War.  I remember, very vividly, this unpopular war; the taking of many of my high school and college classmates and the very disgusting tr… – kingman, Kingman Veterans Parade, Veterans Day – Mayor Richard Anderson

Vote with Confidence

I ask each voter to familiarize yourself with each Mayoral candidate.  What were their accomplishments?  Priorities?  Objectives?  Friendship and loyalty are important, but competency is critical.

Retired long term debt
Growth and Vitality to Downtown Kingman
Initiated road mai… – Kingman AZ, Mayoral Candidate, Richard Anderson – Mayor Richard Anderson

What Are Mayoral Candidates Priorities and Objectives

As the November 8 election nears, are you, the voter aware of the Mayoral Candidate’s priorities and objectives?  What will be the deciding factors for your vote?  If you have been to the many forums, meetings, meet and greets, you have met the candidates. But what did they say?  My local camp… – Kingman AZ, Kingman City issues, Mayoral Candidates, Richard Anderson – Mayor Richard Anderson

New Kingman City Council

Congratulations to Jamie Scott Stehly and David Wayt as they join Travis Lingenfelter, Stuart Yocum, Mark Abram and Jen Miles on the Kingman City Council effective December 6, 2016.  As all the campaigning for the new Kingman City Council is now over, the Mayoral race between Former Kingman … – Election, Kingman AZ, Kingman City Council, Richard Anderson – Mayor Richard Anderson

Kingman Day-To-Day Priorities

I welcome your feedback on what I have outlined below as important, day-to-day, issues that deserve the attention of the City for improving the quality of life for Kingman.
Whereas the Kingman Airport is a valuable asset with tremendous potential, it is not within the incorporated city limits… – kingman, Kingman Mayoral Debate, Richard Anderson, route 66, Tourism – Mayor Richard Anderson