Vote with Confidence

I ask each voter to familiarize yourself with each Mayoral candidate.  What were their accomplishments?  Priorities?  Objectives?  Friendship and loyalty are important, but competency is critical.

Retired long term debt
Growth and Vitality to Downtown Kingman
Initiated road mai… – Kingman AZ, Mayoral Candidate, Richard Anderson – Mayor Richard Anderson


What Are Mayoral Candidates Priorities and Objectives

As the November 8 election nears, are you, the voter aware of the Mayoral Candidate’s priorities and objectives?  What will be the deciding factors for your vote?  If you have been to the many forums, meetings, meet and greets, you have met the candidates. But what did they say?  My local camp… – Kingman AZ, Kingman City issues, Mayoral Candidates, Richard Anderson – Mayor Richard Anderson

New Kingman City Council

Congratulations to Jamie Scott Stehly and David Wayt as they join Travis Lingenfelter, Stuart Yocum, Mark Abram and Jen Miles on the Kingman City Council effective December 6, 2016.  As all the campaigning for the new Kingman City Council is now over, the Mayoral race between Former Kingman … – Election, Kingman AZ, Kingman City Council, Richard Anderson – Mayor Richard Anderson

Mayoral Goals


Richard E Anderson, Candidate for Mayor
As the November 8th election nears, candidate goals and objectives have been discussed in vague and general terms.  It has been exciting to be in many different forums and other venues, but have candidates really defined what they intend to do; their … – Kingman AZ, Mayoral Candidate, Richard Anderson – Mayor Richard Anderson

Get Out And Vote

I realize that many people may be frustrated with the choices they may have in the different races this election. There is a key race or two that will be important to any of our voters: President, Congress, State, County, City or propositions. If only one area is of interest, get out and vote… – Election, Kingman AZ, Richard Anderson, Vote – Mayor Richard Anderson

Mayoral Candidate Debate

It has been confirmed that a debate between Mayor Richard Anderson and Mayoral Candidate Monica Gates will be held Thursday, October 20, 7:00 to 8:30 at the Grand Event Center (next to the Garlic Clove) in downtown Kingman. This is an opportunity for Kingman Area residents to hear the… – Kingman AZ, Mayoral Candidate Debate, Monica Gates, Richard Anderson – Mayor Richard Anderson

Kingman Events This Weekend

This coming weekend is filled with amazing events in downtown Kingman AZ, here is information on these special engagements.
Pink Heals Block Party:
“Pink Heals” will hold an old fashioned block party in Historic Downtown Kingman on Beale Street between 3rd & 5th Street. Activities will inc… – Brews and Brats Oktoberfest, Kingman AZ, Kingman Farmer’s Market, Pink Heals Block Party, Pink Pig Out, Richard Anderson, route 66 – Mayor Richard Anderson