What Are Mayoral Candidates Priorities and Objectives


As the November 8 election nears, are you, the voter aware of the Mayoral Candidate’s priorities and objectives?  What will be the deciding factors for your vote?  If you have been to the many forums, meetings, meet and greets, you have met the candidates. But what did they say?  My local camp… – Kingman AZ, Kingman City issues, Mayoral Candidates, Richard Anderson – Mayor Richard Anderson


Mayoral Candidates Think Tank


Mayoral Candidates, Joe Longoria and Harley Pettit, have accepted my invitation to join me in a new brainstorming/think tank group.  We look forward to discussing responsible development, innovation, and opportunities for our youth. Additionally, we will discuss sustainable employment through … – Mayoral Candidates, Richard Anderson, Think Tank – Mayor Richard Anderson